Friday, May 12, 2017

CNN’s Kirsten Powers has a theory about why Trump changed his story on Comey’s firing — and it’s YUGE

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers has an interesting theory about why the Trump administration changed their story surrounding the firing of former FBI director James Comey.
Initially, staff from the administration, including the vice president, blamed the firing on a memo written by the deputy attorney general. In fact, the administration’s talking points were so precise, Anderson Cooper managed to do a mash-up of each administration official saying almost the exact thing, word-for word.
However, Powers thinks Trump’s story changed for one sad reason: His colossal ego.
“I have a theory,” Powers began. “Maybe that did play a role in his final decision, I don’t think it was the ultimate decision, because I don’t think that he would fire him over something he did to Hillary Clinton. And maybe this was the story that would go out there and then maybe he wasn’t getting credit for firing Comey. He wanted to look decisive and he then came out and started to contradict it because I don’t think he felt he looked as strong maybe as he wanted.”  Post 

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