Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump Just Quietly Hobbled Obamacare While You Were Distracted

President Trump’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have been a complete failure so far, and the plans Republicans put forward never even came close to fulfilling Trump’s campaign pledge to deliver a health plan that would cover everyone at a lower cost.

Each failure has brought complaints from Trump and his allies that their failure is the fault of Democrats who refuse to work with them on their sinister plans that would leave over 24 million people uninsured.

Then Trump, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan warned us that Obamacare is going to collapse if they don’t act.

Now, with ObamaCare working and millions thankful it hasn’t been destroyed by political assassins, the new Trump strategy is to destroy it just to prove the Republicans are right.

The latest Republican concocted changes are straight off a wish list put forward by big insurance companies who want fewer regulations, more freedom to do as they wish, and greater profits.

They were quietly released while most Americans were more concerned about Trump’s bombing in Syria, political battles with Russia and the threat of nuclear war with North Korea. 

“Many of the changes announced Thursday follow recommendations from insurers,” reports the Los Angeles Times, “which wanted the government to address shortcomings with markets, including complaints that some people are gaming the system by signing up only when they get sick and then dropping out after being treated.”  

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