Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Great Job Exodus Is Upon Us: Trump's Promise to Save American Labor Is Already a Bust

At least 12,000 positions have moved or are in the process of being moved abroad since late January.

One of the many impossible promises Donald Trump made on the campaign trail was that he, and he alone, would be able to stem the tide of American jobs moving overseas. Though it was on its face a lie as unbelievable and untenable as all the other lies, it only further solidified Trump’s “America First” bonafides with his base.

Fast-forward to nearly 100 days into Trump's presidency, and his casting of himself as a hybrid strongman-miracle worker seems only slightly less absurd than his supporters' continued belief in this invention. Not only has Trump not been the great job savior he proclaimed himself, but thousands of jobs continue to flow to places like Mexico and China.  Read full post here 

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