Thursday, April 27, 2017

Legal expert: Trump’s tweets attacking the courts will be ‘a record for his impeachment trial’

President Donald Trump’s Twitter tantrums make him his own worst enemy, especially with regards to the courts, said the Daily Beast’s legal affairs expert Jay Michaelson.

In a Wednesday column titled “President Trump’s Tantrums Sink Him in Court Again,”Michaelson said that to an attorney Trump is “the worst client in the world” because the president doesn’t have the self discipline to ever keep his thoughts to himself.

“Yet again,” Michaelson said, “this time in a case involving his threat to withhold funding from so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ Trump’s careless out-of-court statements have come to bite him in the behind, just as they did in the travel ban cases. You can almost hear his lawyers sigh with exasperation.”

He continued, “And yet, following the judge’s injunction against the sanctuary cities order, finding it overbroad and likely unconstitutional, Trump issued yet more outrageous statements, more lies, and more of a record for what would be the president’s ultimate court case: his impeachment trial.”

Michaelson pointed out that it’s ironic that Trump would object so strenuously to the 9th District Court of Appeals’ decision on ‘sanctuary cities’ in that it contains “a defense of federalism,” a concept near and dear to most conservative ideologues who resent anything that looks like overreach by the federal government.  Read full story here 

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