Friday, April 14, 2017

Governor’s message to the middle class: ‘We want to see you do well’

Investments in education are all apart of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s goal to revive the middle class and give millennials an incentive to invest their future in New York.

“With this budget, New York is once again leading the nation and showing what responsible government can achieve,” Cuomo said. “The result is a budget that advances the core progressive principles that built New York: investing in the middle class, strengthening the economy and creating opportunity for all.”

Just days after the budget was passed in Albany, Cuomo made stops around the state on Tuesday and Wednesday to deliver his message upstate and downstate.

“We’re going to get the economy moving and especially focus on the middle class,” Cuomo said in Rochester.

Cuomo’s Middle Class Recovery Act, enacted in the 2017-2018 budget, maintains the 2 percent property tax cap, which he says gives citizens the power to control the cost of local government.

“We believe this is going to be a way to bring democracy to bear on the issue of property tax,” Cuomo said.

The typical New Yorker pays two and a half times more in property tax than state income tax.

“I am obsessed with property taxes…the number one tax in New York has nothing to do with the state” Cuomo said in Buffalo. “We have to get property taxes down. They’re the highest in the nation.”

Cuomo’s Middle Class Recovery Act will also phase in personal income tax reductions. Full post here 

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