Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump to face sworn deposition in Trump Tower

Donald Trump is being forced to take a big time-out from his frenzied planning for the White House, sitting down as soon as Thursday for a sworn, videotaped deposition in Trump Tower that could stretch for as long as seven hours.

It’s an extraordinary circumstance for any president or president-elect. The last president to be deposed was Bill Clinton in 1998, in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit. Ulysses Grant, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter are the only other sitting presidents to face a deposition.

And it’s hardly Trump’s only legal headache.

With Trump’s swearing-in just days away, many of the high-profile lawsuits that entangled him during the campaign are all but certain to carry on through his inauguration and into his tenure at the White House—and he will even inherit some new ones.

Trump and his companies face scores of pending lawsuits, including cases claiming skimming of tips at his New York SoHo hotel, seeking refunds of millions in membership fees charged by his country club in Jupiter, Florida, and alleging that his security personnel assaulted protesters outside Trump Tower.

The deposition expected to occur this week stems from a suit he filed after prominent Washington chef Jose Andres backed out of plans to open a Spanish-themed restaurant at Trump’s new luxury hotel in Washington. Read full story here 

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