Saturday, January 7, 2017

This Republican Just Launched A Bill To Charge Trump Protesters As “Terrorists”

When it comes to balancing business interests and democratic debate, Republicans are once again erring on the side of profit. Even after a nationwide backlash, one Republican senator in Washington state is still pushing forward legislation that imposes mandatory sentencing requirements on those engaged in certain First Amendment activities.
Washington Sen. Doug Ericksen first introduced a bill equating certain forms of protest to “economic terrorism”. Apparently the senator didn’t like the public response that followed, so he wrote up a toned down version, which was pre-filed last month and sits waiting to be introduced in the state senate.
Despite the calmer rhetorical portion of the bill, Sen. Ericksen’s proposal would impose mandatory 60-day to one-year prison terms for citizens who, as Erickson puts it, “cause an economic disruption,” in the course of protest. This is quite relevant in Mr. Ericksen’s home state, where a group of protestors summoned the courage to physically barricade a train they thought was carrying fracking sand. Eventually, the protesters were persuaded by police to move and let the train pass, but not after they managed to generate attention and conversation about an issue they felt was important enough to risk life, liberty and limb for. Read full story here 

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