Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Ethics Office Just Shot Down Trump’s “Wholly Inadequate” Divestment Plan

The Government Office of Ethics, a nonpartisan oversight body that works to prevent conflicts of interest and prevent the corruption that inevitably follows such conflicts, is not at all pleased with Trump’s refusal to completely divest himself from his business empire.
Earlier today, President-elect Trump announced he was backing off a previous promise to make “no new deals” and to place his business in a blind trust. In a speech today at the Brookings Institute, OGE Director Walter Schaub slammed Trump for his “wholly inadequate” efforts to divest himself from his businesses.
“The plan the [president-elect] has announced doesn’t meet the standards that the best of his nominees are meeting and that every president in the last four decades have met.We can’t risk the perception that government leaders would use their official positions for professional profit. Stepping back from running his business is meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective.”

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