Monday, January 9, 2017

Republican operatives say no one but Trump would have dismissed the intelligence this way.

WASHINGTON ― In an alternate universe, the Republican nominee for president holds a news conference to denounce Russian interference in the coming election. He calls out the long-known links between Russian spy agencies and WikiLeaks, and urges American voters to ignore the daily release of stolen emails designed to cripple his Democratic rival.

In this parallel reality, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or John Kasich states clearly that he doesn’t want any help from Russian leader Vladimir Putin and that Putin’s involvement would bring dire consequences.
“Not only would we have called for an investigation, we would have been leading the charge to drop the anvil on the head of the foreign power that did this,” said John Weaver, a top aide to Ohio Gov. Kasich’s presidential campaign. “It would have been smart politically, and it also would have been the right thing to do.”
None of that, though, happened.

Instead, actual GOP nominee Donald Trump welcomed the assistance of WikiLeaks, at one point even asking the Russians to hack into Hillary Clinton’s computers, and went out of his way to praise Putin – all of which has now put the president-elect in a bind between siding with his benefactors on the one hand or the entire U.S. intelligence community on the other.

“The difference used to be that whether you were a Republican or a Democrat, you didn’t want a foreign power intervening and corrupting our elections,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant who worked for independent candidate Evan McMullin. “A normal candidate would no more have relished Putin’s help than he would have accepted the help of al-Qaeda.”  read full story here

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