Friday, January 6, 2017

Intelligence Officials Plan To Release Report On Russia Hacking Efforts Next Week

WASHINGTON ― The intelligence community plans to release an unclassified report early next week, detailing its findings on Russian cyberattacks aimed at disrupting the 2016 presidential election.
Last month, President Barack Obama ordered a full review of foreign hacking efforts aimed at interfering with U.S. elections dating back to 2008, asking that it be completed before he leaves office. Intelligence officials plan to brief lawmakers on the full classified version of its findings next week, in addition to testifying at public hearings, outgoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Thursday. 
The report will build on an Oct. 7 joint statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security, which concluded that the Russian government had directed a widely publicized hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

“We stand more resolutely on the strength of that statement” than ever before, Clapper testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

Clapper declined to preview the contents of the forthcoming report, which was prepared by the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency. However, he told lawmakers that intelligence agencies had identified “multiple motives” for Moscow’s interference in the election.

The DNI chief, who is generally tight-lipped in public hearings, said he plans to “push the envelope as much as I can on the unclassified version” of the report, because “the public should know as much of this as possible.”

Leaks from CIA and FBI officials show that both agencies believe Russia’s interference in the election was aimed, in part, at helping President-elect Donald Trump win.

Russian meddling in the election, Clapper said, was a multifaceted effort involving propaganda and disinformation in addition to cyberattacks. The intelligence community does not believe that Moscow changed vote tallies. It is outside the intelligence community’s purview to assess the overall effect Russia’s efforts had on the outcome of the election, Clapper said. Read full story here 

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