Saturday, January 7, 2017

How Archivists And Coders Plan To Stop Censorship Under Trump

Archivists, coders and other volunteers will gather on the sixth floor of the library at the University of Pennsylvania on Jan. 13 and 14 to preserve federal data that they believe could be at risk after Donald Trump is sworn in.
Their work, dubbed DataRefuge, is part of an effort that began with a tweet by meteorologist Eric Holthaus. Other volunteers are working in Toronto, Indianapolis, San Diego and other cities.
“We think of censorship in a very specific way like book burning,” said Bethany Wiggin, the associate professor who is leading the effort in Philadelphia. “But a lot of times it isn’t as spectacular. One person’s censorship is another person’s precautionary measure.”
Concerns about censorship under Trump have transformed the arcane art of saving web pages at the end of a president’s term into a crowdsourced effort with hackathons, fundraising, and pleas for help on Twitter. Read post here 

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