Saturday, January 7, 2017

10 Trump Fails and Lies from Just This Week

Every post-election week with Donald Trump feels like an eternity. The details change but the story stays the same: Trump whines, lies and pleads for attention, scrambling facts, fiction and conspiracy into a fatiguing, but now familiar blend. Last week followed the same formula, with Trump pretending not to know what he knows and to be an expert in everything he doesn’t know, all while waging petty wars using time that could be spent boning up on policy. He ended the week with an intelligence briefing (we’ve sunk so low, PEOTUS doing his job qualifies as news), but it did little to markedly shift the tone. And in that tone is the message, "We are so screwed."
So we don’t forget, here’s a look back at just 10 of Trump’s most recent lies and fails.
1. Calling for an investigation of NBC instead of the Russian hacks.
Trump’s denial of Russian cyberattacks in the face of tremendous evidence may be because he 1) actually thinks he knows more than the generals do; 2) is the ultimate Putin fanboy and debtor to Russia; or 3) is a Kremlin puppet. Add to this the fact that Trump refuses to have daily intelligence briefings because he’s “like, a smart person,” and the knowledge gap makes yet more sense. After making a big show of his disinterest in national security issues, Trump got huffy after NBC News offered a sneak peek into the findings detailed in an intelligence report on the Russian hacks. Though he’s steadfastly stood against an investigation into Russian cyberespionage against American democracy, he’s now calling for an investigation into “top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it.” He cares because he was left out. Trump only wants to be in a club that won’t have him as a member.
After finally sitting down to be briefed by intelligence officials Friday, Trump released a statement saying the meeting was "constructive," but he still failed to focus on Russia as the primary culprit, talking in circles. He announced that he'll be putting together a team to broadly combat cyberattacks, but said nothing about digging into the hacking the entire rest of the country wants to know about. 
2. Making personal calls instead of doing his friggin’ job.
A bitter, pathetic man who has dedicated his life to seeking revenge, Trump is still duking it out with Ohio governor John Kasich, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race nearly a year ago. Instead of attending to the things an incoming president should be, Trump took a break from hate-tweeting at TV shows to make personal phone calls to Ohio voters, all because he wants a Kasich-backed candidate to lose in the state GOP race. Funny what he finds timefor.
3. Accepting Julian Assange’s word over 17 intelligence agencies.
Trump doubts the experts of 17 U.S. intelligence agencies who contend they have concrete proof of Russian hacking, and thinks we should just go with Wikileaks founder and rape suspect Julian Assange on this one. Trump sent multiple tweetsthis week pushing Assange’s claims on the matter, along with bloviations from Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity. When called out on it, Trump tweeted, “The media lies to make it look like I am against 'Intelligence' when in fact I am a big fan!”
4. Admitting he duped his no-nothing voter base on the border wall, then lying again.
As was apparent to any non-delusional person since Trump launched his campaign, there is no way Mexico is going to pay for Trump’s big, dumb wall. Trump, correctly estimating the sky-high gullibility of his base, knew this the whole time. In recent days, his team reportedly told House Republicans “that [Trump’s] preference is to fund the border wall through the appropriations process,” i.e., taxpayer dollars.
After news leaked that Trump’s central campaign promise was a big lie, he told another lie to cover it up, insisting, “that any money spent on building the Great Wall...will be paid back by Mexico later!” Except no, it won’t. You can’t just invoice a country for your nonsense bad ideas, sorry. Continue reading full story here 

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