Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wisconsin Recount Officials Just Found Five Counting Machines With Tampered Seals

Despite the best efforts of President-elect Donald Trump and his nefarious brand of twisted politics to prevent a recount in Wisconsin it is in full swing. Those who are observing the recount on behalf of Jill Stein, who requested the recount, have presented evidence to show the votes were indeed tampered with.
An individual, who is known only as “Wendy” has been on the ground in St. Croix County in Wisconsin. That county is performing both a recount of the machines used, and of all ballots which were cast by hand. As was shared by Wendy, she observed that five seals were broken on nine voting machines. The evidence which has been posted on Jill Stein’s official website shows that seals were indeed broken. The seals themselves come with a warning that “removal of seal voids warranty.”
At this time it is difficult to dispute that the voting machines were indeed tampered with, but what is not known is if they were tampered with before the election or after. There is no timeline to know when the machines were originally issued, or if they were used in previous elections. Read full story here 

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