Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trump Ally’s '17 Wish List: Prez Obama ‘Dies’, Michelle ‘Set Loose’ In Africa

The Buffalo real estate developer who served as New York co-chair for Donald Trump’s campaign said his greatest hopes for 2017 are that President Barack Obama “dies” and that his wife Michelle is “set loose in the outback of Zimbabwe.”

True to form, Carl Paladino isn’t backing down from the deeply offensive comments he made to alt-weekly newspaper Artvoice for their year-end survey of 42 locals about their wish lists for the coming year.

“Of course I did,” he told the Buffalo News when asked for confirmation that he made the remarks about the president catching “mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford” and Michelle Obama returning to “being a male.”

“Tell them all to go f*** themselves,” Paladino added in reference to the News’ editors who put in the request for confirmation. "Tell that Rod Watson I made that comment just for him," he continued, referring to a News editor who is black.

Paladino’s remarks sparked outrage on social media, particularly among parents upset that he continues to serve on the Buffalo School Board.

The New York Republican, who frequently appeared on cable news as a Trump surrogate during the campaign, is no stranger to inflaming controversy with his remarks. Full post here

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