Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Rockettes Will NOT Be Forced To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration Due To Public Outcry

Behold the power of the Internet. After it was announced the Radio City Rocketteswere being forced to perform, against their will, for Donald Trump during his presidential inauguration a backlash forced management to rescind their orders of a mandatory performance.
Trump has been, humorously, struggling to find anybody worth watching who would be willing to be associated with his presidency. The list of A-list performers who have told him they, under no circumstances, will not celebrate his electoral fraud is a mile long. However, the Madison Square Garden Company that manages the Radio City Rockettes offered the services of the dancing troupe.
The trouble began after an email began circulating from the dancer’s union which said, “You are obligated” to perform. The email further stated, “Doing the best performance to reflect an American institution which has been here for over 90 years is your job. I hope this pulls into focus the bottom line on this work.” Full story here 

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