Monday, December 5, 2016

Small town officials say Cuomo's ethics rule is misplaced

ALBANY -- An ethics rule advanced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo requiring all elected officials to disclose their personal incomes is meeting resistance outside the capital where critics question why small town leaders must pay for the sins of state officials.
The Democratic governor has provided no details of the initiative other than to suggest there should be no exemptions or thresholds. Thus thousands of local officials not now required to disclose their personal incomes would have to report.
Cuomo said as much Nov. 16, when he recommended a list of measures six days before his former top aide, Joseph Percoco, was indicted on charges of extortion and soliciting bribes.
Plattsburgh town councilman Marty Mannix said he would have no trouble giving over his information, but it amounts to an overreach that doesn't address the corruption that has stained state government.
"If we're going to kill the stag, why are we shooting every other deer in the forest?" said Mannix, a former Clinton County Democratic chairman. Read full post here 

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