Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Russian Espionage and Interference in 2016 Election Is Bigger Constitutional Crisis Than Bush v. Gore

Donald Trump’s march from Election Night to Inauguration Day feels like the ever-louder ticking of a doomsday clock, with new drama surfacing daily that is deepening the alarm but not derailing the coming storm.
Russian interference in the election is the top example, prompting Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to say on Monday that the campaign is supporting an effort by 10 bipartisan Electoral College members who want an intelligence agency briefing on foreign intervention.
Their request comes as states face a Tuesday deadline to finalize their vote count results before next week’s Electoral College vote, which Jill Stein’s recount did not disrupt even as it exposed new anti-democratic facets of our elections. The reason these anti-Trump electors and the Clinton camp want the intelligence briefing is because Russia’s involvement has been ominously reframed.
On Friday, the Obama administration ordered a new intelligence agency assessment of what Russia did. The Washington Post said a secret CIA report found Russia’s goals went beyond sowing chaos, but specifically hurting Clinton and helping Trump. A day later, the New York Times said the Russians hacked Republican National Committee emails as well, but didn’t release them, yet more evidence of a hostile foreign power taking sides. Read full post here 

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