Monday, December 12, 2016

Robert Reich Slams Jeffrey Lord on Trump’s Goldman Sachs Appointees: They ‘Forgot the Working Class’

Robert Reich hit back against neo-con Jeffrey Lord on CNN Friday evening when Lord attempted to claim that Trump’s new Goldman Sachs cabinet secretaries are nothing more than brilliant businessmen.
“There is a fundamental misunderstanding what’s happened for the last 35 years,” Reich told Lord. “Donald Trump, remember, campaigned against Wall Street, again and again. He accused Hillary Clinton of being too close to Wall Street. He actually put right there in the center of his opposition to Wall Street a firm called Goldman Sachs. And what he’s doing is not only putting a lot of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street people into his administration, but he is taking a position that is completely contrary to his notion of being the tribune, the voice of the forgotten worker in America.”
Reich explained that the “forgotten worker” is likely going to be even more forgotten moving forward due to these people Trump is nominating. Read post here 

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