Sunday, December 11, 2016

Reality Check for Working Class Trump Supporters

Trump claimed he would “drain the swamp” of corrupt corporate influence-peddlers. 

Then he appointed more Wall Street executives to positions in his cabinet, including chief economic advisor, than any president in history. 

He claimed he would force corporations to pay taxes if they outsource jobs. Then he granted United Technologies $7 million in tax break to ship 1,300 jobs to Mexico. 

He claimed he would stand up against corporate conflicts of interest. Then he appointed a shipping magnate as transportation secretary, a Goldman Sachs executive as economic advisor, and an Oklahoma attorney general who is suing the EPA as head of… wait for it… the EPA. He claimed his would be a government of and for the people. 

Then he assembled a cabinet with a net worth of close to $15 billion and growing, more than any cabinet in history.  He promised to ease the pain of everyday working Americans. 

Then he proposed a tax plan that would hike rates for the working poor and slash them for the ultra-rich. He claimed he’d defend American democracy against tyranny. Then he collaborated with the Kremlin to hack the election and vowed to cuddle up to the despots in Moscow.

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