Friday, December 2, 2016

Office of Government Ethics epically trolls Donald Trump

On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump announced (via Twitter, of course) that he will remove himself from the operations of his companies to fully focus on the office of the presidency (“a far more important task!” he concluded).
The announcement was meant to quiet criticism that, so long as he retains control of his business empire, Trump will be inexorably hampered by conflicts of interest when he enters the White House. But ceding control of his companies (to his children, no less) without actually removing his financial stake in them does very little to actually mitigate any conflicts of interest.
The Office of Government Ethics, which is responsible for ensuring executive branch personnel don’t run afoul of conflict of interest laws, has been pressuring Trump to place his fortune in a blind trust, like virtually every president before him. But Trump has thus far refused — and in his Wednesday tweetstorm, he purposefully did not say he plans on actually divesting from his own company.
That omission was not lost on whomever manages the OGE’s official Twitter account. Shortly after Trump’s announcement, the OGE shot off a series of tweets mock-congratulating Trump for putting his conflicts of interest to rest by divesting from his company, which Trump very much did not do.

.@realDonaldTrump Bravo! Only way to resolve these conflicts of interest is to divest . Good call!

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