Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald details how Trump is using his president-elect status to cozy up to dictators and benefit the family's business

Donald Trump has already postponed his promised December 15th announcement of how he is going to divest himself of his immense conflicts of interest because of his business ties around the world until after the new year and after the Electoral College votes. He did tweet out the thin plan that his sons would be handed the reins of the family's far-reaching real estate firm, a plan that experts say falls very short of the mark both legally and ethically.
But as Kurt Eichenwald details in a bombshell report published in Newsweek Tuesday, the corruption is already under way. "Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet, but he is already making decisions and issuing statements to world leaders that radically depart from American foreign policy, all to the benefit of his family’s corporate empire," Eichenwald opens. "Because of this, the next president of the United States is already vulnerable to undue influence by other nations, including through bribery and even blackmail."
The only way to get rid of these risks, according to Eichenwald and various other constitutional and legal experts, is for Trump to sell the Trump Organization outright and divvy up the proceeds amongst his clan (or keep it all for himself), since every foreign leader will otherwise know very well that it is in their interest to do business with the Trumps.
Trump's Russia ties are only the beginning. Some of his most obvious conflicts of interests are in Asia and its subregions. Eichenwald singles out how Trump has already cozied up to the murderous president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, who is waging all-out war on his country's drug trade by dispatching vigilante death squads to slaughter people, and has bragged of being the Filipino Hitler. Trump reportedly signaled his approval of Duterte's tactics when the two chatted in early December. Meanwhile, work on Trump Tower at Century City in Makati, Philippines, is nearly completed, giving Trump good incentive to keep things friendly with Duterte. Plus, as Eichenwald reports, “The Trump family has an enormous financial interest in Duterte’s deadly campaign. Rooting out crime in the Philippines is good for the real estate values.” Read full story here 

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