Friday, December 9, 2016

Michigan 2016 Recount on the Verge of Being Blocked by Trump and GOP

The Trump campaign and Michigan Republicans won a series of legal rulings Wednesday that may be the beginning of the end of the presidential recount in the state where Hillary Clinton stood the best chance of overturning Donald Trump's election night victory.
While the Greens said they would file appeals, Green presidential candidate Jill Stein’s attempt to verify the vote in the three states giving Donald Trump an Electoral College majority faced a rough road Wednesday. Opposition from Republican court challenges and local election officials mounted during the day and a federal court judge lifted a previous order stopping Michigan officials from shutting down the recount that started only two days before.
"We are deeply disappointed in [U.S. District Court] Judge Goldsmith's ruling today, which gives deference to partisan state judges in Michigan who are attempting to block the state's recount simply because of the person who made the request, without regard for the integrity of Michigan's electoral system," Stein's lawyers said in a statement, vowing to appeal to the state Supreme Court to challenge a Michigan election board's 3-1 vote earlier in the day to cancel the recount.
"The history of this country is one where federal courts step in to protect the constitutional voting rights of all Americans, especially when they are under attack in the states," Stein's lawyers said. "Well today, they are under brutal attack. Backed by Michigan Republicans, Donald Trump—who himself has repeatedly alleged widespread voter fraud and a 'rigged election'—suddenly sees no need for a routine verification of the democratic process in Michigan. His efforts to suppress the vote count is a stunning about-face, even by Trump's own standards." Read story here 

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