Saturday, December 10, 2016

'I'm Watching a Clown Show': Security Officials Appalled by Michael Flynn's Appointment as Top Trump Adviser

Republican President-elect Donald Trump is facing growing opposition to his choice of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as national security adviser including a roster of current high-ranking security officials, the Intercept said on Friday.
“I’m watching a clown show,” said former CIA and FBI official Philip Mudd this week. The Trump transition team’s choice of Flynn for national security adviser, he said, indicates that the incoming administration has no intention of moderating itself or the incendiary tone it set on the campaign trail.
Flynn is widely known as being anti-Muslim and his habit of using Twitter to spread wild and alarming right-wing conspiracy theories is attracting more attention than his military and public service record.
“I want to see a transition from a campaign to reality,” Mudd said. “I’m not seeing it yet.”
“You want the national security adviser to be a calming more than an exciting influence,” former CIA head Gen. Michael Hayden told a lunch gathering on Wednesday. “Mike tweets more than his boss.”
On Thursday, former national security adviser to Pres. Bill Clinton Gen. Barry McCaffrey said that he is having to seriously reassess his opinion of Flynn’s judgment after viewing his social media feed.
“But I must admit that now I am extremely uneasy about some of these tweets, which don’t sound so much as if they’re politically skullduggery, but instead border on being demented,” McCaffrey told NBC News.  Read full post here 

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