Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Electoral College 'Uprising' Marks New Phase for Anti-Trump Resistance

Monday saw President-elect Donald Trump secure victory in the Electoral College, while also marking the beginning of the next phase of resistance to his #NotNormaladministration.
Trump easily surpassed the 270-vote threshold needed to defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, winning 304 electoral votes with just two Republican electors breaking ranks to give Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Rep. Ron Paul one vote each.
"This is an uprising—a new resistance starts here today, with the largest 50 state pro-democracy demonstration in American history."
—Ryan Clayton, Americans Take Action
But protests at state capitols across the nation "offered a preview of a tumultuous inauguration and first 100 days of the new administration," the New York Timesreported, pointing to progressive groups' developing plans to confront "Trump's cabinet and White House appointments, his pick to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, his financial conflicts of interest, and his stated plan to quickly repeal the Affordable Care Act."
Indeed, Monday's actions—which emphasized the fact that Trump lost the popular vote, despite more than half of Republicans thinking otherwise—"reaffirm that Trump has an absolute lack of mandate," said Anna Galland, MoveOn.org civic action executive director.  Read full article here 

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