Friday, December 30, 2016

Donald Trump Will Be the Most Disliked President in Modern American Histor

There are a million theories about why Hillary Clinton, who won more votes than any other unsuccessful presidential candidate in U.S. history, failed in her presidential bid. At least one theory is irrefutable: popular votes don’t decide presidential contests in this country; the electoral college does. Trump’s naked appeals to white resentment and misogyny won over 63 million U.S. voters, nearly 3 million fewer than the 66 million who voted for Clinton. That makes Trump the first American president to lose the popular vote by such a decisive margin. 
Taken together, those two facts make a mockery of Trump and his surrogates’ claims to a presidential mandate. In surveys from sources across the political spectrum, including Fox, CBS, NBC/Wall Street Journal, Politico and more, Trump ranks as the least liked incoming president of the public polling era. HuffPost Pollster, which averages the latest opinion polls finds 49 percent of Americans hold an unfavorable view of Trump compared with 44 percent who view Trump favorably. As a point of reference, President Obama entered 2009 with a robust 68-percent favorable rating against 21 percent unfavorables. Read full story 

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