Saturday, December 10, 2016

DLCC Pushes Cuomo To Unite Senate Dems (Updated)

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee became the latest national group to push Gov. Andrew Cuomo to unite his party and gain a governing majority in the state Senate. 
“New Yorkers elected a Democratic majority to represent them in both chambers of the legislature, and Gov. Cuomo has an obligation to stand up and ensure that the will of the voters is respected in the New York Senate,” said the group’s executive director, Jessica Post. 
“As head of the Party in the state, Gov. Cuomo needs to unify the Democratic caucus, and as a national Democratic leader, he needs to firmly establish the Democratic governing trifecta voters clearly wanted when they cast their ballots in November.” 
The statement released Friday morning is the latest in an internecine battle over control of the chamber through a public pressure campaign of calling on Cuomo to broker unity among the fractious Democrats in the Senate. 
Cuomo on Thursday in Albany indicated he had desire to get involved in the issue, pointing to the deep-seated personal issues between the Democratic lawmakers. 
Mainline conference Democrats hope that with the potential addition of John Brooks in the still undecided 8th Senate district the party will have a 32-member majority in the 63-seat Senate. 
But gaining control would require the defection of Democratic Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, who sits with the Senate GOP and has indicated he will continue to do so. A separate peace would also have to be reached with the seven-member Independent Democratic Conference as well. 
IDC Leader Jeff Klein on Thursday blasted the mainline conference’s attempts to involve Cuomo, saying the battle has descended into a “circus.” 
But the DLCC, a Washington, D.C.-based group that backs Democratic candidates running in state legislative races, is the latest organization to throw its weight behind the Cuomo pressure campaign. 
Earlier this week, the left-leaning pushed Cuomo on the issue as well. 
At the heart of the argument is the success of President-elect Donald Trump and the continued GOP control of both houses of Congress come 2017. 
“New York is in a position to be a leader in the fight against Trump’s dangerous and regressive agenda,” said Post of the DLCC, “and I hope Gov. Cuomo capitalizes on this opportunity to establish his state as a firewall against Trump’s extremist policies.”

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