Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Democrat Calls For Further Review Of Nojay Case

The Democratic candidate who ran for the seat held by the late Assemblyman Bill Nojay on Monday called for a further investigation into what would have been the Republican lawmaker’s corruption case. 
A criminal complaint unsealed Monday included the accusation from federal law enforcement that Nojay allegedly siphoned $800,000 from a client’s escrow account. 
Some of this money also allegedly went toward his campaign, a lobbyist, a car dealer, his children and also to pay property taxes on his house.
Nojay committed suicide the morning he was expected in court. 
“I am shocked and outraged for the voters and myself,” said Barbara Baer, the ex-Assembly candidate who sought the seat. “Had this indictment been unsealed earlier I would have won.”
Nojay posthumously won a Republican primary and was replaced with GOP former Assemblyman Joe Errigo. He defeated Baer in the general election. 
“I ran this year because I thought it was important to have a debate and 2-party representation,” Baer said in the statement. “Tragically Mr. Nojay committed suicide and the ‘three men in a room’ urged voters to vote for a dead man. The bosses then chose Mr. Errigo, who after our first quasi-debate, disappeared.”
She added more investigation of the Nojay case is warranted, considering it raises further questions.
“What did the Republican Party know and when did they know it?” she asked. “Who was the lobbyist? Was the school construction authority being investigated? What is the real story here?” Post

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