Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cuomo Will Deliver Regional States Of The State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo next month will hold six regional versions of the State of the State as part of an effort to switch up the traditional format of the annual address, according to a source familiar with the plans. 
Word of the change had been part of the Capitol buzz for the last several weeks. 
One of the addresses will be given in Albany, but the other cities have not been formally determined yet. The events will be held in different regions of the state, with the content and concerns tailored to that specific area. 
Cuomo has given versions of the State of the State in the past in different cities, but the source said the 2017 iteration will give each regional address “equal value.”
No schedule is available yet, but the events are expected to begin in the first half of January. 
Cuomo’s office declined to comment. Post 

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