Monday, November 14, 2016

Warren, Sanders draw new battle lines with Trump

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) say they are willing to work with President-elect Trump, but they are also preparing for war.
In the aftermath of Trump’s stunning victory, all eyes are turning toward how the two biggest personalities on the left pick up the pieces and navigate a fundamentally remade Washington.
For now, both are at least making sounds of compromise toward Trump. But it’s clear that sentiment is heavily layered with skepticism, and a vow to fight hard where they differ.
“The way that most progressives feel is similar to what Sanders and Warren have said,” said Neil Sroka, spokesperson for the liberal group Democracy for America. “There is a great deal of skepticism.”
Liberals note that the populist message that Trump rode to the White House bears many similarities to their own claims that the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful have benefited over working class Americans. Trump criticized Wall Street on the stump, and his skepticism towards broad trade deals matches up with similar sentiments on the left.
Trump has also suggested he wants to protect entitlement programs, raise the minimum wage, and expand support for family leave — all liberal priorities.
But there are far more questions than answers about what Washington will look like under President Trump, and liberals like Warren and Sanders are more likely preparing for the worst than hoping for the best.
“I don’t trust Donald Trump farther than I can throw him, and that isn’t very far,” said Sroka.

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