Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Team Falsely Claims Support of Civil Rights Advocates for Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions, the senator from Alabama whom President-elect Donald Trump has chosen to be the next attorney general, is best known for his hardline anti-immigration policies and allegations of racist remarks in his past. In an apparent attempt to soften that reputation, Trump's transition team is boasting that civil rights groups are "strongly supporting" Sessions' nomination.
That statement is broadly false: Civil rights groups have spoken out very critically of Sessions' nomination. But in order to make its claim, the Trump team put out a press release citing the support of people who, upon closer examination, actively oppose civil rights for immigrants and people of color.
The press release announced the support of "civil rights and law enforcement groups." But no group on the list is dedicated to promoting civil rights. There are just three individuals on the list who could plausibly be tied to civil rights—but they're not civil rights advocates.

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