Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Doesn’t Want A Recount. George Takei’s Response Is Priceless

Donald Trump took to Twitter this weekend to complain about Jill Stein’s efforts to force a recount of the questionable voting totals in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. This is the height of hypocrisy, considering that Trump spent the past six months complaining about how Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was “rigging the election” against him. World-famous actor and LGBT activist George Takei noticed this and fired off a response of his own:
Trump: It's rigged!
Clinton: No it isn't.
Trump: Definitely rigged!
Clinton: Okay, let's audit.
Trump: They're trying to steal the election!

Trump, of course, could not resist taking some potshots at the Clinton camp for supporting Stein’s recount efforts, which – as Stein herself asserts – is primarily about restoring American confidence in their electoral system rather than any kind of attempt to overturn the result or gain some kind of personal fame.

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