Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tim Kaine: Some FBI Employees Are ‘Actively Working’ To Help Trump

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine accused people in the FBI of “actively working” in support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Saturday, becoming the most prominent politician yet to level the charge after a week of extraordinary FBI leaks that appear to be intended to influence the outcome of the election.

In an interview with Fusion’s Alicia Menendez, Kaine speculated that FBI Director James Comey wrote his letter to Congress because “he knew that the FBI was not only a leaky sieve, but there were people within the FBI actively working ― actively working ― to try to help the Trump campaign.” Calling the situation “absolutely staggering,” Kaine said the events of the past eight days have been “a massive blow to the integrity” of the FBI.

Kaine emphasized that he does not think Comey is trying to influence the election, but that the director “felt pressure to do something” from agents inside the bureau. Comey “made a massive mistake in judgment” in becoming involved so close to the election, Kaine said. 

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