Monday, November 28, 2016

There’s A Method To The Madness Of Trump’s Tweets. Or Maybe Just Madness.

WASHINGTON ― Donald Trump on Sunday claimed without any evidence that “millions” of people had illegally voted for his opponent in the election, renewing the crazy versus crazy-like-a-fox debate about the next president.
Even as Trump’s critics pointed to the statements as yet more proof that he is in way over his head, a leading Republican National Committee member said Trump had once again reframed the debate to favor himself.
Instead of waiting on recounts in three states that could drag on for weeks and continue to delegitimize his victory, Trump had minimized that story with his own headline-grabbing allegation, the RNC member said on condition of anonymity. “Trump is several chess moves ahead,” he said.
Trump sent a tweet mid-afternoon Sunday saying that he would have won the popular vote over Democrat Hillary Clinton had it not been for “millions of people who voted illegally.” Four hours later, after flying back to New York from a Thanksgiving break in his Palm Beach resort, he claimed that New Hampshire, Virginia and California had all experienced “serious voter fraud,” and that the media have covered up the story.
In fact, there is zero evidence that any of what Trump said Sunday is correct.
Officials working on his transition team did not respond to Huffington Post queries about the president-elect’s statements.

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