Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jill Stein Just Filed For A Recount In Pennsylvania

The presidential nominee for the Green Party, Jill Stein, is stepping up to the plate not only for Democrats but for everyone who feels that this president doesn’t represent them. Although Stein ran against Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, she is devastated by the outcome of the election like hundreds of millions other Americans. To fight back, the former third-party leader has spearheaded recount efforts that call Trump’s presidency into question.
After launching a full-blown recount effort in Wisconsin, Stein is taking on Pennsylvania. The Clinton campaign has latched on to the demand for a recount, agreeing to follow Stein’s lead and participate in making sure all votes were tallied correctly. It was down to the wire, but Stein made Wisconsin’s 5pm Friday deadline to submit a call for a recount. She has now moved on to Pennsylvania. Their next target? Michigan.
David Cobb, Stein’s campaign manager, discussed their Trump takedown in a statement, saying, “The Stein recount effort is mobilizing concerned voters across Pennsylvania to request recounts in their precincts. Additionally, the campaign filed a legal petition in state court today on behalf of 100 Pennsylvania voters to protect their right to substantively contest the election in Pennsylvania beyond the recounts being filed by voters at the precinct level. This petition will allow the campaign to pursue a full statewide recount in Pennsylvania if precinct-level recounts uncover any irregularities or tampering.”
As of now, Trump’s leading margins are incredibly low, though much of this win was no doubt due to voter suppression and blatant intimidation tactics. The numbers indicate a slight margin of difference—unfortunately, with Trump ahead by approximately 22,000 in Wisconsin and a little over 70,000 in Pennsylvania.

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