Sunday, November 13, 2016

Commentary - No, I’m not falling line

No I’m not falling in line, but I do support the constitutional outcome of this election.   Let me explain.
First a few facts.  Donald Trump did not win the popular vote.  Yes facts are facts.  As of this Saturday he is behind 2 millionvotes and counting.  That is a very important fact to remember, as the media will gloss over it, as they now want to fall in line.  The election turned on about 100,000 votes in three swing states.  Yes, less that 100,000 votes in an archaistic system that was meant for the 18th century, as the founding fathers did not trust the “uneducated masses.” 
Second, protest is fair andAmerican. This is my point.  I am not falling in line.  My country is too important to allow a person elected to the presidency with Mr. Trump’s views to go unchallenged. No I don’t except to change the election.  I do except these protests to be the start of the movement to take back our country and but return the Democratic Party to the party of the working class.
So the point being that I will not fall in line, but use our free speech rights to draw attention to negative affects of a Trump presidency. 
This blog will post and comment to make the citizens aware of what is happening that the local media will not report on, as they will just “fall in line,” but protest for us the majority that did not support Mr. Trump.  

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