Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BREAKING: FEC Hits Trump With $1.3 Million In Fraudulent Donations

The Federal Elections Commission has found that Donald Trump’s latest campaign finance report has a staggering 1,100 donations that violate a host of election finance laws. The donations, totaling $1.3 million dollars, are either be from organizations not registered with the FEC or gave more than the legal limit.
“If any apparently prohibited contribution in question was incompletely or incorrectly disclosed, you should amend your original report with clarifying information. In addition, please clarify whether the contribution(s) received from the referenced organization(s) is permissible. If any apparently excessive contribution in question was incompletely or incorrectly disclosed, you must amend your original report with the clarifying information” reads the letter.
Trump’s camp will be forced to return the donations. If he does not, the letter states he may be subject to an audit or “enforcement” actions. In what will come as a surprise to nobody, the Trump camp has not returned any request for comment.While such letters are fairly routine, the number of violations is not. Trump has made flouting laws and exploiting loopholes his primary approach when doing business, and this report likely just a glimpse into the way that the devious Trump campaign took advantage of the FEC’s perpetual gridlock and the institutionalized corruption of Citizens United. Considering the way that Trump uses his own personal charitable foundation as a money-laundering operation, there is no doubt that there is much more foul play to be unearthed after the dust of this brutal election season settles.

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