Tuesday, October 11, 2016

With Trump in free fall, Clinton Super PAC sets sights on competitive Senate races

When your political opponent unravels before your very eyes, you have the luxury of focusing elsewhere, which it exactly what the biggest pro-Clinton Super PAC is doing. Priorities USA is now weighing running ads in several of the most competitive Senate races to help ensure a Democratic Senate majority. Dana Bash writes:

Until now, Priorities USA has spent the 2016 election cycle entirely focused on the top of the ticket -- getting Clinton elected. The fact that they may use their resources to also promote Democratic candidates in down-ballot races suggests how increasingly confident they are in a Clinton victory.

According to a source familiar with the plans, Priorities USA is currently producing television ads to potentially air in Senate contests in North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania -- all competitive races that are also battleground states for the presidential race.

This news along with the increased chances that Democrats reclaim the House are basically a pipe dream come true. Priorities USA is reportedly even polling a few other Senate races along with some high-priority House seats. Ads would begin airing next week and run through Election Day. 

Story http://m.dailykos.com/stories/1580973

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