Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump campaign boasts of ‘major voter suppression’ effort targeting women and black people Senior campaign officials say the goal is to depress African American voters.

With two weeks to go before Election Day and victory slipping further out of Donald Trump’s reach, the hotel mogul’s campaign is launching what they call a “major voter suppression” effort aimed at driving down turnout among white progressives, young women, and African Americans.

Senior Trump campaign officials told Bloomberg News they are using targeted radio spots, social media posts, and campaign events in neighborhoods of color to push messages they think will discourage voting in those demographics. Namely, they hope that invoking the machinations described in the Clinton campaigns leaked e-mails will turn off progressives, that dredging up decades-old sexual assault accusations against Bill Clinton will turn off women, and reminders that Hillary Clinton referred to some black teenagers as “superpredators” in the 1990s will turn off African Americans.

The latter strategy, reportedly led by Breitbart’s Steve Bannon, is “a below-the-radar effort to discourage infrequent black voters from showing up at the polls — particularly in Florida.”The campaign is planning a barrage of Facebook “dark posts” with the “superpredators” message targeted at likely Clinton voters.

Rather than attempting to win their votes for Donald Trump, the campaign hopes these voters will not vote all.

“If we can pick up some votes along the way, that’s fantastic, but it’s really about the suppression of votes.”
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