Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hey, Trump. Let’s get something straight here. What you said, that’s not how “men” talk. That’s not locker room talk. I’m a man, and I’ve been in plenty of locker rooms. I’ve never, in my entire life, heard anyone talk about, brag about, sexually assaulting women. No one’s ever said it to my face. In fact, I’ve never even overheard anyone talk that way. How dare you tar us with your shameful brush?

Sexual assault is a criminal act. It happens, obviously, far too often. But it is not what “men” do, not real men anyway. Real men respect women, and all other human beings. We respect their rights and their liberty, and their person, and that means, duh, not assaulting them. Bragging about sexual assault is not normal. Feeling entitled to do it is not normal. It’s not what men do, men say, or men feel. It’s what scumbag criminals do, say, and feel.


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