Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ex-DOJ spokesman rips Comey's treatment of Clinton

A former Justice Department official on Friday tore into FBI director James Comey, saying his letter to Congress about Hillary Clinton’s email server was his “worst abuse yet.”

Matthew Miller, who previously ran the Justice Department's public affairs office, called Comey's Friday letter an "inappropriate public disclosure.”
Comey informed lawmakers earlier in the day that his agency had found new emails relating to the investigation into Clinton’s private email server, but provided no further information.
“Today's disclosure might be worst abuse yet. DOJ goes out of its way to avoid publicly discussing investigations close to election," Miller wrote in a tweetstorm.
The Clinton campaign has called on the FBI to release full details to the public regarding the investigation. The news that Clinton's case was under new review comes fewer than two weeks from election day.
"This might be totally benign & not even involve Clinton. But no way for press or voters to know that. Easy for opponent to make hay over," Miller said.

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