Saturday, October 29, 2016

Department of Justice criminal complaint filed against FBI Director James Comey for election tampering

In the hours since FBI Director James Comey attempted to deceive the American public into believing that he was reopening his long-ago-closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, which led to a torrent of false information being broadcast on cable news networks, the narrative is now actively shifting against Comey. CNN and other networks have learned from their own sources that this is instead an unrelated investigation of Anthony Weiner. And now a Department of Justice criminal complaint has been filed against the FBI Director for election tampering.

James Comey is, almost without question, in violation of the Hatch Act Reform Amendments of 1993 which specifically made it illegal for those holding government posts to try to use their position to tamper in an election. Moreover he’s the highest ranking government official known to have ever violated that law, and he’s done so just eleven days before a Presidential election, meaning he’s guilty of the biggest political scandal since Watergate. Now that the blatantly dishonest nature of the letter Comey sent to Congress today has been fully exposed, the legal repercussions against him are already underway.

The “Democratic Coalition Against Trump” is a powerful group which has obviously taken sides in this election. But its decision to open a criminal complaint with the Department of Justice means that the DOJ will in fact have to take FBI Director James Comey’s criminal activity seriously. or as the DCAT put it today in a statement: “Federal employees are forbidden from participating in political activities under the Hatch Act.” It’s unclear how quickly the DOJ will move on this, but it is clear that this is now a Comey criminal scandal – for which he may well end up in prison – and not a “Hillary Clinton scandal” of any kind. 

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Greg Krawchuk said...
If Trump gets in then Canada should join the United States because Canada belongs to the Globalist now. That way the government will be closer to the people.