Sunday, October 9, 2016

Crisis of faith: Donald Trump’s revelations and the hypocrisy of the Christian Right

Now that Donald Trump has failed twice in the space of a day to demonstrate the ability to apologize for criminal conduct he was caught boasting about on a hot microphone, let’s step back and ponder, to use his words, what the hell is going on.

How did the party that says it is for family values make such a vile old man its standard bearer? Why do so many leading Republicans stay with him or, gingerly, distanced themselves only after this latest revelation? How can any pastor endorse him, much less praise him as “a fine Christian man” and “unwavering in his commitment” to Christian concerns?

And why didn’t our major news organizations vet him, telling viewers, readers and listeners what the public record shows about his lifelong conduct from embracing violent felons to giving answers in interviews and presidential debates that are gibberish?

These questions all point in the same direction: our democracy is in deep trouble because we fail to respect the liberties and opportunities America makes possible as millions have come to view politics as nothing more than a reality television show.

For millions of people, strategy in a football game is worthy of occupying a large part of their brains. But politics, no way.

Republican politicians who are timid say they are appalled by Trump, but do not disavow him. Most of the few who have are Mormons, whose moral upbringing leaves no room to tolerate boasts about grabbing women by their genitals.

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