Friday, October 21, 2016

CNN: Early swing-state voting numbers show good signs for Clinton

CNN: Early swing-state voting numbers show good signs for Clinton

Overall, 3.3 million Americans have already voted according to the analysis from CNN and data firm Catalist. In most swing states, Democrats have improved their early-voter turnout from four years ago and have even managed to surprise analysts with their numbers in some traditionally Republican states.

At the same point in the 2012 race for example, Republican votes in conservative Utah outnumbered votes from Democrats by 22,000. This year, however, the GOP edge in the state is only 3,509 votes.

Other states are also showing positive signs for Clinton.

Democrats have improved their early-voting numbers in Nevada from 2012. In North Carolina, ballots from Democrats are level with four years ago, but Republicans have cast 14,500 fewer votes in the state so far.

Things look better for the Republican nominee in Ohio and Iowa. The Democratic lead in Ohio early voting is smaller than what it was in 2012, and turnout for Democrats has declined more sharply than for Republicans.
But even Ohio and Iowa may not be enough for Donald Trump, according to CNN.
CNN's own electoral map projection shows Clinton being able to reach 270 electoral votes by taking Colorado and Virginia.

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