Sunday, September 11, 2016

Religious Conservatives Aren’t Judging Donald Trump’s Questionable Christian Values

WASHINGTON ― It’s no secret that Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been a choirboy during his presidential campaign.

He’s boasted about the size of his penis on national television. He’s bragged about his wealth and how beautiful his buildings are. He’s taken joy in insulting fellow candidates and reporters and even attacked the family of a soldier killed in Iraq. And he’s long shared stories of his sexual promiscuity.

But those who attended the Values Voter Summit, the annual gathering of religious conservatives where Trump spoke on Friday, were willing to look past those actions. While they acknowledged that Trump hasn’t exactly been a saint, they said they were willing to forgive him.

“I know that Donald Trump may not be Jesus Christ but he’s a lot better option for me than Hillary Clinton is,” attendee Hannah Holt told The Huffington Post. Holt added that Trump’s behavior “should bother anyone,” but that Democratic candidate Clinton wasn’t perfect either.

“I mean, your husband was on a public stage in a public forum as one of the leaders of this entire world and was fooling around. Neither candidate is a good option in that area,” she said.

In his remarks on Friday, Trump spoke about the power of religion to bring people together, but he did not talk about his own faith. He even bragged about how many evangelicals had supported him in the Republican primary.

All across the nation, a lot of people said: ‘I wonder if Donald will get the evangelicals?’ I got the evangelicals. I’m going to make it up to you too, you watch,” he said. “There are no more decent, devoted, or selfless people than our Christian brothers and sisters here in the United States.”

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