Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nice try, but Trump has never helped a single person selflessly, altruistically

Last night on my weekly segment on Mark Thompson’s radio show on Sirious/XM, a caller challenged my long-running assertion that Donald Trump, in his 70 years, has never altruistically helped a single person. It’s an assertion backed up by simple observation—his people couldn’t drum up a single person to sing Trump’s charitable praises during his convention. And as for his actual charitable foundation, we now know its biggest benefactor is himself. 

But this caller brought up the case of Annabel Hill, the wife of a farmer who committed suicide to try and save his family farm (except that the life insurance policy didn’t pay out, because suicides are exempt). As one conservative columnist wrote:

Trump told the Atlanta businessman that his wife, Ivana, had seen the report on the Hill family’s plight on the network news, and she suggested that he get involved. The magnate summoned [wealthy Atlanta businessman Frank] Argenbright and the Hills to New York. After a brief interview, Trump signed onto the cause [...] Trump provided $20,000 to stave off foreclosure of the Hill farm, but his name was initially kept out of the picture. 

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