Monday, August 29, 2016

Mika Brzezinski: Mental health professional should look at Trump

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski wants to know what a mental health professional thinks about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

She said Monday on "Morning Joe" that "it's time to hear from somebody in the mental health community, to look at this person who has been on television for months and give us a sense of what we have going on here."

"And, I'm sorry, let's just not, let’s stop pretending we're dealing with someone who we can completely understand," Brzezinski added.

"And when you see someone who you think has problems, you know it. And there's not anybody at this table who doesn't think he has some sort of problem. Let's ask the questions. Let's do this at this point."

Her co-host, Joe Scarborough, said psychiatrists can't come on and diagnose someone. But Brzezinski explained they could look at character traits that are being shown repeatedly.

Brzezinski also said mental health shouldn't be something that's "in the shadows."

"Mental health is just like diabetes, or any other physical health. This is not something that I'm making a joke about. I'm very serious," she said.

"And I've been asked hundreds of times and so have you."

She said they could "ask someone very high in the mental health community about traits we have seen repeatedly over time," clarifying that she wasn't calling for a mental health professional to make a diagnosis on-air.

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