Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Reminder That Donald Trump Did Not Oppose The Iraq War From The Very Beginning

As part of his campaign’s foreign policy agenda, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump regularly says he spoke out against the Iraq War from its inception, a claim he again made on Thursday while attempting to defend his outrageous accusation that President Barack Obama founded the so-called Islamic State.

“I was totally against the war in Iraq,” Trump told WTVJ, a television station in Miami. “Now, I was a civilian, so nobody cared. But I was against the war in Iraq.”

He made the same claim in an morning interview with CNBC Thursday morning, adding that he is “a truth teller.”

This claim is false, but Trump pulls it out with such frequency in campaign speeches, debates and interviews that it often goes unchallenged.

The real estate mogul did not publicly oppose the war until at least 2004, a year after it began. No fact-checkers have found evidence of Trump publicly stating his opposition to the war before that year.

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