Saturday, July 23, 2016

WFP Fundraises Off Flanagan’s Trump Endorsement

The labor-backed Working Families Party wasted little time in blasting out a fundraising email pointing to Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan’s backing on Thursday of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. 

The email is a harbinger of what is expected to be a pitched battle over control of the Republican-led Senate this year, with the presidential campaign between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton playing a major, over-arching role. 

Flanagan on Thursday at a breakfast meeting of the New York delegation in Cleveland reiterated his endorsement of Trump, but provided his most extensive comments to date supporting the party’s nominee. 

“I’m going to make this unequivocally clear,” Flanagan said. “I’m supporting Donald Trump for president. I’m going to do so with grace, with diplomacy, with passion and with fervor.”

For the WFP, that’s not compatible. 

“There is no way you can support a campaign based on racism, xenophobia, fear, and misogyny with ‘grace,'” the fundraising email states.

“There is no way you can support one of the most vulgar and uniquely unsuited and unqualified candidates ever to run for the office of President with ‘diplomacy.’ And there is no way you can credibly claim to represent our state if you fervently back a candidate who stands against so many of the values we all share as New Yorkers.”

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