Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trump's healthcare 'plan' would kick 18 million off their insurance

Donald Trump has one Republican-approved talking point down: repeal Obamacare. He's also provided his Republican bona fides with a replacement "plan" that amounts to a cobbled together bunch of ideas. Two for two as a Republican. Let's make it three for three: the scraps of his plan that can be analyzed would be really bad for a lot of people.

WASHINGTON (AP) — An independent study says Donald Trump's health care plan would make 18 million people uninsured, but it also would significantly lower premiums for policies purchased individually by consumers.

Those policies generally would be stingier than what's sold now.

The study comes from the nonpartisan Center for Health and Economy and tries to put numbers to the health care ideas outlined on the GOP presidential candidate's website.

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