Sunday, July 3, 2016

Republicans don’t seem to care about his big money flip-flop, but it’s a problem for independents — and donors.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio — If a candidate solicits big money from special interests, that candidate is on the take.

Or so argued presidential candidate Donald Trump — the same Donald Trump who now, as the presumptive Republican nominee and despite that year-long stance, is nevertheless soliciting big money from those same special interests.

Developer Llwyd Ecclestone and his wife, Diana, gave the Trump “Victory” fund $768,000. Real estate investor Thomas Barrack gave $299,600, while casino magnate Phillip Ruffin kicked in $284,600.

Those donations were from May, when just 51 individuals giving a minimum of $19,600 contributed $3.1 million to Trump’s fund for transfer to the Republican National Committee, according to Federal Election Commission filings. 

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